Wednesday, June 22


to begin with, let me say that we may or may not have seen a dead body parked outside of courtneys house earlier, so the wacky wednesday involving a solved crime is in the works. or at the very least, us reporting a crime.


Forget madame bell. forget madame hope. the absurdly named soothsayer to let us down with less than divine offerings was sister powers.


after i got off work, tadd and i rode down to a tiny looking house, whos doormat greeted us with a warm and welcomed salutation to the season.


her house was tiny, though seemed enormous on the inside. I had the fortune to actually get my fortune from Mrs. Sister Powers,.


Tadd had his fortune read by the unnamed sister of Mrs. Sister Powers. We only got a couple of pictures, and no pictures of Tadd's lady because of the potential disruptions in energy it might cause. Key phrases include "don'a trus yer freends" and "undastan whut imma sayin to joo?" and to quote Tadd's fortune teller his "negative energy manifests itself in your daily life prevent forward progression, undastan? undastan?" wonderful. At the end of the sessions they tried to talk us into other multiple sessions of candle burnings for the purpose of spiritual healing priced to move at $50 a session. as we left she proudly waved the wad of money she ripped off from us in our face. as you can also see, she was a shy taller than mini-me, willow, or any other absurd looking tiny person of your choice.

robbed blind

determined not to have his hump day ruined, tadd sought advice from the wizard at star castle, but was equally vagued out and disappointed to learn his favorite color is green, which he is incapable of even recognizing due to color-blindness.


so we sat in the lap of a king.

king n queens

tadd was however pleased to defeat me in a thrilling game of air hockey,

bring it

in which he narrowly won the match, and the hearts of onlooking female admirers. well, at least one anyways. All the excitement was capped off by two fast paced rounds of lazer tag in which our teams split victories.


my team consisted of three 8 to 12-year olds who did jack shit for storming the other base, heres 2 members of my team signing up.

red team

and tadd shared the playing field with two tiny and very hard to see girls, mostly so because they were in dark clothes and were black. the first game though, the guy running the whole shebang was on their team to even up the numbers, but we got creamed so he sat out the next match. WARNING: DO NOT ENGAGE IN LAZER TAG TIMES IF YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY.


  • i really wish you two were in atlanta. so many wacky things to do here. christy and i are really the counterpart to the alex and tadd duo. we like to do equally wacky things on a regular basis. so as to not copy your wacky wednesday, i am going to be free flowing with ideas for your upcoming wednesdays. i hope to have an idea so good that you must drive up to atlanta and include us.

    love the fortune teller. glad you branched out to the more 'mom and pop' fortune teller, instead of going to that corporate madame bell's. she really is taking over the whole fortune seeking market.

    By Blogger lovesick, at 8:48 AM  

  • hahahahha nice job guys. you've made me proud once again. see you next week.

    By Blogger swirlogirl, at 8:42 PM  

  • i need a haircut.

    By Blogger ALEX WEDNESDAY, at 8:40 PM  

  • challenge accepted.

    By Blogger TADD WEDNESDAY, at 9:12 PM  

  • holy poop shoot how geeked am i about this wednesday. it will be especially nice since i already know i will be ignoring some obligations to do it. i am going to make that river my bitch.

    By Blogger TADD WEDNESDAY, at 11:33 PM  

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