Saturday, June 18


Pretty much like it sounds. We bought 4 dollar suits, turtle necks, and reading glasses and got our portriats done. it was ridiculous, we bought the clothes at goodwill and changed in the bathroom at walmart. there was some kindve strange 6 year old dressing a 5 year old situation happening when we walked into the bathroom. alex changed then I changed. as i was changing a large black man came into the stall beside me and was obviously removing tags from something to steal. the pictures wont be ready for 3 weeks, that is fucking bullshit but if youre friends with us you will shit yourselves when you see them.

later on, Mike from alex's work, and his friend um.. john or something walked over after playing tennis, arriving sweaty and stinky (good first impressions) and did ear candling with us. we took a bunch of video but it is truly stupid. 4 grown men laying on the ground with candles sticking out of their ears. Mike swears by this shit, but I dont think it did anything to any of us except some superficial clogging of our ears with candle wax. In fact I think Mike and "John" actually sustained some light injuries, either that or they are babies. I definately didnt feel or hear any different, i thought my stuffed up nose went away but i think it was because i was laying on my side on the floor for 20 minutes. I think its some kindve elaborate liberal hippie hoax.

week 3 will have full even coverage. were still taking suggestions as to what wacky things to do.


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