Saturday, June 18


note: Week 1 & 2 are before we planned to document this so the visuals will be sparse.

Not long after I woke Alex informed me that his then girlfriend Courtney and coworker Kelli were going to be going to the tanning salon at 4, we decided it would be funny if we went to the tanning bed and were coming out as they were coming in and we were just like "oh hey whats up nice to see you, gotta run" so we went. My watch is fast so we we were early and they were late so we didnt see them, but we did get a 10 minute tan at Endless Summer™ tanning salon on waters. I think I was hoping it would be funnier than it was, but from this was born the concept of Wacky Wednesdays. We dont really have any before and after pictures of the tanning salon, but it went something like this.

After we decided that Wednesdays would be ridiculous from there out we of course decided to go play golf. I happen to have golf clubs, theyre in our attic. I got them as a gift after I played golf for the first time and decided it was something I wanted to pick up, that didn't happen. Alex was apparently on some kindve a golf team as a youngster, it didn't show. We went to pintail creek on 17 and played 9 holes. We collectively lost about 20 balls. Alex never hit a drive in the air higher than about 5 feet, although he did hit a few long line drives, one of the not so long ones hit an old timey wooden fence 10 yards out and broke it. I struck out on the tee several times, alex was kind enough to grant me more attempts. I cant really remember alot of other funny things about this. So ill just put in the couple of pics we have.


  • i would just like to say i wasn't on a golf team, but that i took golf lessons when i was like 11 or 12. i am sending the instructor my scorecard and demanding restitution for his obvious failure to produce results.

    By Blogger ALEX WEDNESDAY, at 8:47 AM  

  • you guys look great with tans

    By Blogger swirlogirl, at 4:14 PM  

  • tadd... be careful with those tanning salons, or you and alex may just end up looking like a sunrise circa 2003. and who wants to look like a sunrise anyways?

    By Blogger iwillwithdraw, at 2:07 AM  

  • it looks like you're chewing tobacco in that last picture

    By Blogger amanda, at 3:37 PM  

  • i was going for a sunset look. so i laid on my stomach.

    not really. i didnt get tan at all, but i did get pink and uncomfortable. i am fairly sure that wasnt the objective. im just glad i didnt get pinkeye from laying on a plexiglass slab that a bunch of naked weirdos have laid on before me.

    By Blogger TADD WEDNESDAY, at 1:22 AM  

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