Wednesday, June 22


ok so today Alex has to work and then fumble around his schedule so his Wednesdays are free for wackiness, but he gets off at 4. Heres the plan. 1. get our fortunes told at Madame Bell's psychic house on victory, (trivia: madam bell is actually dead, and theres a madam bell in atlanta over on cheshire bridge somewhere I got a reading at one time who is also dead. she was found in a 1ft deep reflecting pool by the ritz with her mercedez parked nearby and it was ruled a drowning, her fortune for me, riches, bitches, happiness, loves, and fame. crazy that everything i told her I wanted is going to come true. her fortune, drowned in crackhead urinal) 2. Attend a black mass. and by black mass I mean one of these all black baptist churches, preferably one with a bass player. and if the spirit moves me I am going to get baptized, I really dont want to piss anyone off at a church cause thats not how I roll, Id rather save that for one of other missions so we'll be kinda playing it by ear.

i have one other one that might suprise alex. I THINK wednesdays is Karaoke night at Frozen Paradise. This would win the gold medal for wackiness and for dangerousness. For you who dont know Frozen is an all black gangster club. Ive tried to go in once before and the cop at the door wouldnt let me go in cause he said that he could not gaurantee my safety and if i did i would be putting myself in harms way. meaning: some niggas gonna shoot me. Every year someone gets shot 100 times there, they try to shut it down but people cry racist and it stays. We might find out if its racist cause theres probably not a cop at the door on weds and I'm gonna try to sing a whitney houston song. another round of krunk juice?


  • i am going to upfront bow out of karaoke at FP. im all for wacky, but im not an idiot. i will however be on call to alert medics when you are dragged out with multiple bullet wounds.

    and i call dibs on the next post.

    By Blogger ALEX WEDNESDAY, at 6:17 AM  

  • you're black on the inside

    By Blogger swirlogirl, at 2:29 PM  

  • corrections: the lady on victory is actually mrs. hope. but im pretty sure shes still dead.

    By Blogger TADD WEDNESDAY, at 3:08 PM  

  • AND theres no services at the first african baptist today. and since frozen karaoke would be solo, i aint doin that.

    so we need a plan b.

    By Blogger TADD WEDNESDAY, at 3:10 PM  

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